North Vancouver Inter-River Bike Park

Spring 2017

North Vancouver Inter River Bike Park

Inter-River Bike Park is one of the hidden gems of North Vancouver’s family friendly outdoor scene. It’s an excellent place to bring your children who are learning to ride a bike or even the older kids who’ve gotten the hang of biking around independently. A great learning space, Inter-River allows parents to keep an eye on their children while providing them an open environment in which to tackle gentle dirt slopes of varying difficulty levels.

Inter-River Bike Park Centrally Located in North Vancouver

The park is centrally located between Lynn Valley, Seymour Heights and other family oriented neighbourhoods. A lot of Vancouverites and out-of-towners have heard of popular municipal and regional parks like Lynn Canyon Park or Capilano River Regional Park. Inter-River Bike Park, on the other hand, is a hot weather stomping ground for locals in the know.

Inter-River is aptly named, running along the serene Lynn Creek and close to Seylynn Park and Lillooet Park. Accessible public green spaces close to each other guarantee plenty of opportunities for you and your family to get outside, enjoy the sun, and an easy amble along the Lynn Valley trail. A little further south, Harbourview Park offers flat trails for your young ones new to biking the opportunity to test out their cycling skills.

Inter-River Bike Park Used By North Vancouver locals & Popular Among Vancouverites

The park can be packed throughout the summer with enthusiastic riders both young and old. Inter-River Park is used extensively by North Vancouver locals but is also popular among Vancouverities. Parents: you don’t have to worry about keeping yourselves occupied if your teens are handling the bike slopes like a pro. There are wider, longer and overall more challenging adult sized tracks you can try your hand at! Although if you prefer to relax on the sidelines, plenty of seating areas are available as well.

We highly recommend Inter-River as a fair weather outdoor outing for your children in the summer. Our children never fail to enjoy testing their bike skills racing over the slopes and various obstacle courses. It’s a great way for the kids to burn off some of their endless supply of energy. Bring a decent sized bottle of water if you plan to spend some time here because you’ll definitely be parched after a few hours in the sun. Children of all skill levels can be found at Inter-River. Don’t be surprised to see kids on anything from run bikes to larger kids bikes. Everyone is welcome.

North Vancouver BMX Events Hosted At Inter-River

If you’re interested in BMX, North Shore BMX hosts regular coaching and bike clinics at Inter-River Bike Park throughout the summer. If your kids are feeling up to it, they also hold a number of track races between April and September every year. MEC has also held their Bikefest, a free community oriented event, at Inter-River in the past. Among the activities at Bikefest were ladies only ride clinics as well as kids biking activities. Needless to say, the biking community is a tight knit and welcoming one.

Between the numerous biking events held at the park and the open use of its tracks for bikers of all ages, there are a ton of reasons you should check North Vancouver’s Inter-River Bike Park out! If you live on the North Shore, count Inter-River Bike Park as on of your must-try activities with the kids!